– To make things happen

– To make your ideas work

– To be your own boss

– To work with people you want

– To choose the location where you work

– To change things you don’t like

BUT it also requires:

– dedication

– being active

– being sociable

– being persistent

– think out-of-the-box

At a conference, WorkItOn team attended, it was commented that the main difference between americans and europeans is that americans are not afraid of failure. They have an idea, they try to make it work. If it works, it is fine, if it doesn’t work, nothing happens. A failure won’t stop them to keep on trying. Europeans, on the other side, are too scared to take risks. If they are not totally sure in the success of their project, they wouldn’t try to launch it. Nowadays there are so many opportunities for entrepreneurship and business collaborations, that there is no excuse for being passive and not try.