One of the best ways to inspire is to share success stories. These movies show how anyone could build successful career no matter all difficulties.

The Pursuit of the HAPPYness


It is a very tough to watch movie about the life of Christopher Gardner. His main occupation is selling medical devices but they do not sell as he expected. Soon, his wife leaves him and he is forced to live in the streets with his son. Gardner desperately needs a job and he starts as trainee in stock broker program. He impresses the managers with his intelligence, motivation and hard work. It is truly inspirational how Christopher manage to succeed in his career, despite the fact his personal life is totally ruined and he doesn’t even have where to live.

Catch Me If You Can

“Catch me if you can” tells the story of another extremely intelligent and skillful man, Frank Abagnale. He managed to make more than $2.5 million before his 19th birthday. His main skill is the check fraud. During his life Frank has pretended to be Pan Am pilot, doctor, and legal prosecutor. Despite all the serious crimes Frank has committed, he is offered a job in FBI due to his talent and intelligence.

The Blind Side

Michael Oher is a homeless African-American teenager with mother who is drug addict. Soon Leigh Anne, wife of wealthy businessman, adopts Michael. She ensures the boy improves his grades to get into university and be included in football team. Michael develops successful career as American Football player and becomes first-round pick in the NFL.