One of the biggest mistakes I have made is share my ideas with the wrong people.

When I have a new idea, I rush to share it with family and friends. Being my closest people, I expect support and understanding from them. Mistake…

I shouldn’t be expecting any understanding from people with different interests and totally different perception of the world. Most of them just want a regular position with fixed salary. It is difficult for them to understand the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and the risks taken when starting own business. I have noticed the bored faces of my friends when I tell them about my business ideas. If not bored, another typical reaction is “No, it will not work”. The negative comments are not because my ideas are bad, but because the people commenting are not interested in career different than being employee in a big corporation. If I follow their advices, I should give up all enthusiasm and keep being an office worker.


Fortunatelly, there are many other people, entrepreneurs, business-minded, full with motivation and energy, who inspire me again that I can succeed. I can share my ideas with them, get valuable feedback and advices how to make it work. I will not hear “NO”, but “Try it” and “Don’t give up”.

A “No” doesn’t mean the idea is bad. It just should be shared with the right people who will motivate, advise and help to make it transform into successful career.