These companies have not always been selling the products and services that made them successful. Check below how they started and how they managed to succeed by changing completely their core product.

  • Odeo
    Odeo was a podcasting company. After receiving funding from Charles River Ventures, the Odeo founders restructured the company under new name, Obvious Corp, and developped new products, Twitter included.
  • Hasbro
    Hasbro started as textile remnants company. Today Hasbro is a leading toy and games manufacturer.
  • Tiffany&Co
    The luxury jewelry brand started as stationery store in New York
  • LG
    LG is a South Korean technology giant that started as Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Company.
  • Nokia
    Nokia's history started when the founder Fredrik Idestam opened a pulp mill. Later the company expanded its activities adding electricity generation and rubber products production. Today Nokia is one of the leading telecommunication corporations.
  • AVON
    In 1879 David Hall McConnell, founder of Avon, started as house-to-house books salesman. To increase sells he added free perfumes samples that he made himself. The ladies became so interested in the perfumes, that David McConnell saw the opportunity to fully replace the books with cosmetics.
  • Colgate
    Colgate was initially producing soap and candles. Today the company sells products of household and personal care.


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