The meаning of the word motivation is "the reason for behaving or acting in a particular way".Usually when you share, that you want to start or accomplish a project, and share your goals, everyone wishes you success, gives you courage and so on. Not long ago somebody asked me “What motivates you to achieve your goals?” And it made me think: if I already know what I want, what can motivate me to do it, or to do it fast – not today, postpone or forget about it?
Firstly, the meаning of the word motivation is “the reason for behaving or acting in a particular way”. The motivation is usually connected to a wished result from an action. It is about receiving benefits and developing skills. And the more skills you have – the better job you can do. When I started thinking about this, I realized that the motivation is not only our own personal wish to achieve something. We all are influenced by the people around us, in a good or a bad way. So the next question was “Who influences us and gives us motivation?”.
Well, everyone has a friend, who is always in a hurry, doing so many things. The time is never enough for those people, but it’s also never lost. They invest it in upgrading themselves, improving their skills and reaching their goals every day. When they share their time with you– it really means that you are special for them. And when they tell you how many things they have done for the last month or week, or for the last few hours you usually are standing there, wishing to be a bit more like them. And then…I found my answer!
I know what motivates me! It’s not only the wish to reach a goal or see the result from your actions – it’s actually more complex than that! People are the answer. Those who surround us, showing us that they are getting better, make us think “How can we get better?” But not only thinking – wishing it, working for it hard – as hard as we can, as fast as we can! Motivation comes from all around us – we all have our reasons, but there is a big pleasure in knowing the people around us, who can “recharge” us with inspiration.