FutureYou are already familiar with our article about Jobs of the future. Now we will look down a little further into the future – 5-10 years ahead. About promising professional fields and about whether there will be need for specialists to frame in the world. On Earth, it becomes close. The number of its inhabitants is growing – they are almost 7 billion. Race, nation and religion are mixed. The population is aging and consuming more goods. People actively move around the planet in search of promising places for self-realization. All the changes that will occur with humanity in the next 10 years, would entail the creation of a minimum of new jobs. As a maximum – the appearance of new professions and areas of activity. The main employment trend is unchanged – fewer people will be employed in production, more people will increasingly provide service to others. What does this mean for those who choose what to do in life, or want to change specialty? Now take a look at our new offers for career in the future.

Hackschooling counselor – This person will inspire pupils and students to “hacking” the real world, to experiment with their own lives, to seek adventure in their life, that is not limited to traditional occupations in the school.

Privacy consultant – Specialist to address vulnerabilities in your home and the digital environment.

Meme agent – Similarly profession agent talent, meme-agent identifies and evaluates personal or intellectual features used in various memes.

Drone driver – Civil service and private individuals are increasingly beginning to use all kinds of drones (mostly flying), which would entail the emergence of a need for people who can manage well in a complex urban environment.

Engineer Augmented Reality – Specialist in the creation and implementation of professional applications of augmented reality – in medicine, architecture, manufacturing, transport and training systems.

New Future

Recycling Analyst – With the development of technology, the growing number of domestic and industrial waste is considered not only in terms of recycling, but potential use as a raw material.

“Smart” cities Planner – This person will be combining local and citywide creation systems, urban planning based on simulation and “big data” in order to create new cities.

Microorganisms designer – Will be busy with creation of microorganisms with preprogrammed properties, for example the production of certain substances, or recycling.

Expert on the absorption on national and religious conflicts – Perhaps it is a new type of social worker, who combines qualities of a diplomat, negotiator and business psychologist. Apparently, the hiring of such experts will be in state structures and large private companies in order to avoid conflicts between its employees working in different countries.

Journalist aggregator – Skillful compiler, that extracts component from original texts, faced different foreheads position, the instigator of an unexpected debate.

Universal Soldier – To combat terrorists and insurgents entrenched in remote regions of the planet, we need “soldiers of the future”. In contrast to the mass warriors of the past, future conflicts will require very different competencies of soldiers: excellent knowledge of local conditions, the psychology of the locals, the ability to do without heavy weapons.

Merchant of dreams – Immortal profession. From a long time we have been accustomed to not buy things, but the brand, a beautiful legend and a big name. When images become more important than content, here come experts of marketing and advertising – every consumer has a choice, someone has to tell him what to prefer.

Designer/Manufacturer of body parts – Specialist with such futuristic profile will be very much in demand. Indeed, medicine does not stand still. And analysts are hoping that soon the missing or badly damaged body can be easily replaced by cultured.

Virtual lawyer– In contrast to the usual legal counsel specialists of the future will be able to easily resolve conflicts and differences between people of different nationalities who live in a completely different laws.

Time Broker/Trader selling time – What could be more precious than valuables? That’s right! Your time! It is possible that in the future people will find a way to trade it.

Coming Future And here it is, the most recent forecast! The most popular professions of the future are knocking on the door. With us or not, the world will let them inside. The earlier we shift and globalize our thinking, the easier will be our meeting with the future. However, the emergence of new jobs in the future will not be limited. The existing professions will not disappear – they mutate. Sometimes beyond recognition.