Office To determine a gift is always difficult, especially when it comes to a colleague. What to give, how to surprise in order the gift to be useful in the future? Time changes everything: the nature of people and their attitude to life, and corporate culture. Today, leaders of various enterprises and companies are increasingly thinking about the atmosphere in the working team, and as a result, organize various corporate events, where, of course, try to note each employee with a gift. But whether it is an easy thing – to find a and buy corporate gifts for each employee really valuable thing in which is embedded a certain point? Choosing gifts is not that easy mission. Especially when it comes to a big team. Already no one is interested in receiving corporate trinkets standard with the company logo, which often find their place in the dusty attic. And business leaders are well aware that a formal attitude does not improve their work.

And now enjoy some present options:

christmas-basket1.If your boss or colleagues are lovers or even fans of good coffee, then you can build for them a small gift-basket, fill it with packages of quality coffee, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, cookies, as well as adding a branded gift cup and maybe a gift certificate for a visit in good cafe or coffee shop.

Workiton Certificate2.One of the most common lately gifts for the office is a gift certificate for dinner at a nice restaurant (of course, for two). Your boss and colleagues are also people, let them enjoy a good night alone with their second half.

3.Now more budget option. In most groups there is always one, two or more people who are most able to prepare sushi, make fish pie or bake the most delicious sweets in the world. Organize small soiree with the help of your office “culinary guru” and spread joy with different treats to everyone in the office.

Workiton News4.The low-budget option. In life, different things happen, and maybe you will not be able to buy some gift. Then draw a funny humorous and good-natured wall newspaper with photos, anecdotes and jokes from the life of the boss and the entire office.

Workiton Treasure Map5.If your boss and colleagues are fun and adventurous type of people, prepare for them “treasure map“. Pre-made this map and let colleagues go to “hunt” around the office area in search of small gifts and surprises. For these gifts, you can choose a gift certificate, depending on the interests of the people or an interesting book.

6.You probably know about the hobbies and interests of your colleagues. So why not buy a gift subscription to a specialized magazine or a good book on the subject that interests them? This is almost infallible option for gift!

Workiton Friends7.And if your colleagues are lovers of film and television series? Then you can buy as a gift a few seasons of their favorite TV shows/TV series/movie novelties. Or, alternatively, you can stop at a gift tickets for a visit to the cinema, which will premiere a new film.

8.Another candidate for the post of “unique gifts for the office” is a gift certificategolf lesson“. Golf is perhaps the most aristocratic game in the world. This gift will give the opportunity to learn about golf, get a golf lesson from an experienced instructor and spend great time.

Workiton Table  Football9.If in your office are dominating more men, then this is the perfect option for a gift – table football (believe me, the strong half of the office will surprisingly quickly master this dynamic and exciting sport!).

Workiton Fit10.To your business partner, you can make an unusual gift, knowing his preferences. This may be a subscription to a swimming pool, fitness club card, fly in aerodynamic tunnel, skydiving and more. Your partner will be very pleased, he will have a lot of fun and it will strengthen your business relationships.

If you do not have the time and opportunity to give a gift to each individual person in your office, make a corporate gift! It’s easy! It is not necessary the present to be associated with the work. On the contrary, relate your gift with rest. It is necessary to give the thing that will help you to carry out collective corporate leisure. More a matter of taste, you know better exactly how your office partners love to relax.

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