Wondering what team building is best for your team? How to organize a fun, inexpensive and enjoyable for all team building? Stop thinking. We have already did it instead of you. Team building depends on how people want to communicate, how they want to manage and be managed, where they get their motivation and very importantly what it means for them to be part of a team, all highly culturally sensitive questions. Being a team member is a responsibility, and the responsibility lies with the individual. This is particularly highlighted at the beginning of a career when training is focused on the need to fit in, to learn and listen, and on the respect for what has been built and achieved over the years. Now we will find out in front of you, amazing opportunities for team building, building strong professional relationships, and why not and wonderful friendships.

Movie1.Shooting a movie – One innovative way for team building, for the development of logical and creative thinking, for a universally fun and enjoyable experience. Each fellow will be appearances by writer, director, cinematographer, costume designer, and actor. All together will develop a short film and will implement it. Finally, in addition to the satisfaction of a well done job, will stay and an unforgettable memory.

ATV 2.Driving ATV Try the adrenaline of these small and dangerous carts. There is no road, only adrenaline. Everything is off the track. It is not appropriate for people with weak nerves. Relive this expedition with high speed and great emotion. A high adrenalin team building. It is well combined with paintball, archery and zorbing.

Body3.Body logo – If your company has traditions, if you have many employees and want to do something really original – let your employees reproduce your company’s logo. An exclusive world class team building.


Show4.Fashion show – Try one of the most original team building programs – fashion party. All participants will be entered into the fun and exciting fashion world. Will be divided into groups. Each group will receive directions and materials. Will have a specified time, during which they will have to create their own model, the person who submit it and the way it will be presented in the final. Team members need to work together for the message, the costumes, the choreography and music, provoke their imagination, their potential and sense of humor. Two experienced stylists will cater for proper conduct and fun flow of the entire creative process. There will be a musical sound and a DJ who can take care of the good mood of all participants.

5.Sky team building – New innovative team building form for employees-lovers of strong experiences. Bungee jump. Tandem jump is the easiest way to get acquainted with parachuting and the feeling in free fall. During the tandem jump you are fastened with the system of tandem instructor. Tandem instructors are professionals who have at least 500 jumps behind their back, and in most cases a few thousand. They have the responsibility to open the parachute, to manage it and to land together with you safely on the ground. They can even provide you to manage the parachute or even to pull the lever to open the file, but you can simply enjoy the joining parachute jump only as a “ride” carefree. Preparation for the tandem jump takes about 20 minutes and you are required to be in a satisfactory state of health.

Sky divingArt6.Art team building – Artistic team building is a great way for a company to bring in an art way all your employees. You could paint a collective dashboard that can be attached to the office, as a trophy of a well done job. Working in small groups, have access to all the tools and equipment that is necessary to create a masterpiece. Each team will work on a separate part that requires communication, cooperation and exchange of ideas and information during the session. Start with an exercise focusing on communication and creativity to the introduction of different materials.

Calender Creation7.Calendar team building – Let your employees establish a firm calendar for next year. They will face several challenges-conception and realization of the annual calendar.

Zorbing8.Zorbing – Zorbing is the way that you will shed stress and the weekly tension, will make your head spin and will bring all thoughts of it, and the emotion that gives you is indescribable. All people, who get out of it excited and always their first words are: “This is great!”

9.“Nations” team building – Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere filled with traditions, specific cuisine and drinks, dancers and customs. Recreate your dream character from distant Egypt, the Orient, Eastern cultures, Hawaiian magic dances, Indian shaman ceremony, Gypsy party, and why not to ride a sled as Eskimos.

CulturesCourt trial10.Mock trial team building – In this program, your employees will have the opportunity to perform in various roles and teams. One will be a judge, will have the jury, investigators, experts, lawyers. It is not necessary to have legal knowledge to enjoy legal. Be part of fairness, intellect and logic of great minds.

Many organizations have put the brakes on team building initiatives, but a customized, carefully designed and executed team building strategy can inspire a team’s members to persist in the face of discouraging circumstances by harnessing its creative genius to generate new ideas and solutions to seize emerging growth opportunities.

To quote Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” At a time when members of organizations are feeling unsure, anxious, and concerned about their future, a well-defined customized team building process should be adopted.