Best job

All of us, it must be confessed, in a moment of weakness dream on one of those “dream jobs”.  To take any of these positions, there is no need to have any special skills, universities degrees and impressive resume. A little luck – and you have already signed a contract for the most enjoyable jobs in the world.

Beatles1.Seller or cashier at recording store – Millionaire in that position, of course, you are not going to be, but this work – it is purely for the soul. Ten hours a day, you have to listen to music and interact with music lovers who are not always adequate. But in return you will get access to the newest releases of fashionable artists, free concert tickets and communication with musical coterie.

2.Marijuana taster – Not long ago, one small newspaper struck all of America, when placed an ad for a professional taster of marijuana. Running on the “point”, the comparison obtained during test purchases “grass” and the ability to competently express their thoughts – that’s all the duties of such a specialist. However, such work with the connection of presentation may arise understandable difficulties. The top of the slacker careers, definitely.

Work3.Chocolate taster – Children (and sometimes adults) dream of a sweet world, which is not so easy to implement. The applicant must have exquisite taste, wide culinary horizons and generally well versed in chocolate. So all day long to overeat chocolate for the money – it is not given to everyone.


4.Specialist in celebrities leisure – Actors and musicians – people working around the clock. They not less than us want to relax and unwind, but because of the employment, they have no idea what is the most fashionable club today, and which restaurant is preparing the most correct foie gras. So for their rest, stars are accompanied by specially trained people who are preparing the cultural program for actors and musicians. If you desire to be involved in it, it makes sense to try your luck and become one of such specialists.

5.Critic/ Water attractions tester – Every crisis and recession have little impact on the tourism industry: hotels, water parks and other recreational and entertainment facilities are constructed and reconstructed on a regular basis. But the public wants to know in which water park are the world’s most interesting and twisted slides and whether the water in the swimming pool is clean as a tear. Oddly enough,but this area has its own experts. The most famous name is Tommy Lynch. He travels to resorts in the world, in experiencing water amusement for himself.

Water attractions tester

6.Professional surfer, skater or snowboarder – Ride for pleasure on the waves, cut notches snowpacks with snowboard, make dizzying stunts on a skateboard and still be caressed from sponsors and have a lot of fans – here it is, a dream job. It is not so easy to achieve. Must possess exceptional talent and a lot of training.

Island7.Tropical Island Caretaker – Last year, the vacancy position for caretaker of Hamilton Island near Australia has caused great interest in internet. Keep an eye on turtles, observe the behavior of whales, admire the underwater world at the Great Barrier Reef, capture all the pictures and videos and share them in a blog – beauty! And all this – at quite top managerial salaries – $ 106 000 for the six-month contract.

8.Oil Guy For Models – Um, probably not the right name for the job, but does not change the fact. Salaried employees, who must be from morning till night and sometimes at night too – to smear butter female models for photo and video. Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Milla Jovovich … this will definitely be something to remember in your old age!

For most people, a job is just a job, little more than a way to pay the bills. But what if work was more like play? What if, instead of living for the weekend, you lived for Monday morning? There are people who feel that way, you just have to find them. Or maybe you are such a person?