True success storiesIf you are serious about achieving  success in life, you can not do anything better than to inspire           yourself with the success stories of famous people. Many of those who want to succeed in life, career or business, do not reach it because they do not know what it takes to be successful and how the road to success looks like. They only see the end result – a successful person, with no idea of what that person had to go through.

Look through what some famous people had to pass before they became successful and your chances of success will increase significantly.

Stephen King –  Most people know Stephen King as a famous writer. But only a few know through what he went to become successful. The first novel by Stephen King was rejected by almost all publishers, to whom he was referring. He was in such despair that he threw it in the trash! His wife took it from there and insisted that he must continue to send the story. In the end he became the Stephen King, who we know now! From this story you can retrieve a very important lesson. Failure by others means absolutely nothing, if you believe in yourself.

Thomas Edison – The success story of Thomas Edison – one of those who can motivate anyone after his fails. Thomas failed about 9999 times during his invention light bulb before he succeeded in 10,000 times. When people asked him why he kept trying even after so many failures, he replied: “Every time it did not work, I told myself that I had discovered a new way of how not to invent the light bulb.” From the history of Thomas Edison you can conclude that failure should not stop you, even if it happens more than once.

Oprah Winfrey – One of the stories that is great motivation is the story of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is one of the most popular icons of modern television and it is one of the richest women on the planet. But her story did not begin that successfully. At first she was fired from her job and she was told that she was not suitable for television.

What lessons can be learned from these stories? Of course, we talked about them not just for fun. They are designed to inspire, motivate and make people achieve success in their work, business or life.

Set goals. Success will not come to you tomorrow. Perhaps it would take years. Become rich – doesn’t mean to be successful, to start with something big or be very smart. Become rich – it is the ratio toward money and life.