Corporate 1Many companies and organizations from time to time hold corporate parties. It brings together a team, allows to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere, to celebrate an event. Such withdrawal – it’s always the possibility to see others, and to show yourself, to show in a different role than they have used to see you. Christmas and New Year’s corporate parties – some of the pleasant events in the life of an office worker. Some people begin to think for a holiday outfit in advance, but it does not always help to avoid mistakes. The main thing is to remember going to a party: do not go to extremes.

Corporate events can be a different sort of solemnity, it depends on the form in which they go.

  1. Dress 2The basic rules to be followed in order to look fit and proper:
    Classic silhouettes (unless stated theme party).
  2. Restraint – do not use too avant-garde clothes.
  3. Lack of vulgar – both in your way, and in behavior.
  4. Avoid excessive luxury – do not put on all the expensive jewelry that are in your casket, one or two of these catchy accessories will be enough.
  5. Dress appropriately, according to your position.
  6. Do not be carried away in a very short skirts and deep necklines.
  7. Do not be a gray mouse – it’s still a holiday.

Despite the fact that you are not at work, it is necessary to balance on the verge of non-formal and business style.

Dress 4In the selection of clothing for corporate event, first thing to do – find out where and at what time the event is held. This is very important because it dictates the time and place of a kind dress code for such a meeting. After an evening dress will look silly in a pub or pizza, so very like ripped jeans in a decent restaurant.

In order not to be trapped and not be at the wrong time in the wrong place these items should be considered very well. So, let’s look at the main options for corporate party.

Corporate event at the end of the working dayCowboys

You can often find exactly this kind of corporate party. After work, or bosses makes little shortened day.

In this case, there are two options reincarnated from a business lady in elegant lady. If you have time to go home and change clothes or take with what you need and change the outfit at work – it’s the first option. Second – this is to create an image 2 v 1.To have your dress in the morning as usual, but think what you can change, to get the image of the evening.

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This may be a bright blouse, shiny top or jacket. They will replace the coat. Saturated colored skirt, if you’ve been wearing pants. Or just take off your jacket, and complement the dress underneath a colorful boleros, ornamentation, ornate shoes and clutch.

Here we offer you some image options for this kind of corporate party:

  • Cocktail dress.
  • Elegant blouse with a narrow skirt or trousers. You can also wear bigger skirt.
  • Dress fitting your shape (within reason).
  • A small black dress with elegant accessories.
  • Suit bright shade.
  • In general, there are allowed more saturated colors in the image.
  • Use accessories – belts, necklaces, scarves, bracelets.

A separate corporate day off work

In this case, do not have anything to wonder – you will immediately go wherever you need in a certain way. Remember that if this is the case in the winter, and you put on a long elegant dress under it need to wear also elegant shoes, not rough winter or any other shoes.

So you’d better call a taxi, this way you will be able to take all your magnificence and will not bother to take it with you.

You can wear a jumpsuit – it looks very stylish.


Take a look at recognized style icons – Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Lady Di – they are a sample of elegance and good taste.

Basic Rules – same as above. Remember that you have to spend in the company perhaps more time than in the preceding paragraph, so that your clothes should be comfortable.

Corporate feast

It can often take place in the organization, without exits. You can afford as appropriate dress or suit with bright, saturated colors.

Occasion dressSince most, at the table will be visible your “top”, note of jewelry, brooches, beads – just not all at once. Make a bright accent. As feast often turns into dancing – choose comfortable shoes. Dressy blouses, dresses emphasizing the figure, beautiful jackets – this is what will be appropriate. Bulk shawl or a beautiful silk scarf will draw attention to your face.

Themed corporate party

Here it is possible to afford a flight of fantasy. Depending on the topic try to select the most interesting image and go have fun. This can be a party in retro style, masked ball, Hawaiian, sea or another type, depending on your company.

Party 1

The only thing you should not do – ignore the call to come and appear in the image in the daily usual form. Even if you do not collect fully outfit “Beauty from the 20’s”, “Dudes from the 50’s” or rocker – at least one item should be in this style. Otherwise, you do not support the corporate spirit. And if you neglect it, how will you work after?

Corporate club party

You can select the fitting knitted or luxuriant dress from the hips. Its length should be just below the knee, without too much cleavage and cutouts. It is appropriate to dress in casual style, a little careless and relaxed. You can afford a shiny materials and more vivid colors. Still, remember that you’re not in the club with your friends who will understand you and bring you home if necessary. Too revealing outfits – it is an occasion for gossips for your dogs in the manger.

Party style

Corporate event at restaurant

In this case, you can afford average length dress or evening dress floor-length. Look great with lace or applique beads. Appropriate will be also elegant pantsuits. Do not forget the accessories. Binding shoes, jewelry and a small handbag. And yet, before you go, find out about the status of the restaurant, in order to fit the place.


Corporate event outside the city

To travel to the country complex or cottage, it’s appropriate to dress in a casual style – winter is cold enough so you can afford jeans T-shirts with prints and knitted sweaters. Try to refrain from purely sports clothing such as tracksuit and sneakers. Choose comfortable, warm clothes, which will show your strengths and where you will be able to ride a sleigh or making snowmen.

Snow partyThis too can be – a joint vacation in common. Despite the informal atmosphere which is observed during a corporate party, do not neglect the details shown. Remember that after the corporate party you still have a working life, so be reasonable in the choice of attire and have a great holiday!

In general, wear what you like most. Most important is your image looks shipshape, harmoniously, and you feel cozy and comfortable in it. Also remember, corporate party – it is also a kind of work, so be restrained – elegant. After all, modest elegance has always been in vogue in the business world.