1. workiton good jobPeriodically give employees an extra long lunch break. It will help them relax and be more efficient during the afternoons.
  2. Define a place in the office/web to display photos, posters, messages, etc. which will make the funny moments that your team had remembered and they can bring you some joy from time to time.
  3. workiton employee of the monthAward an Employee of the Month at a monthly staff meeting, and invite co-workers at the meeting to say why that person deserved the award. Be honest and open when you show how important is this person for the team.
    1. Leave a “Thank you” note on the desk of the employee – it doesn’t cost anything and it shows your appreciation.workiton thank you note
  4. Create a desk sign “The real PRO” (or write something encouraging) and make it stay on the desk of different employee every week.
  5. Spend 15 minutes weekly/monthly, preparing employee achievement report where you use employees’ names. Actively listen to co-workers, especially when discussing their accomplishments and contributions. This increases the levels of motivation of your employees and makes them feel appreciated.
  6. workiton volunteers volunteeringRecognize employees who actively serve the community. Admire the good personal qualities of your employees and the good things they do, too – volunteering, workouts in the gym, helping the new employees to get comfortable at work, etc.
  7. Organize an annual awards ceremony for all the employees – managers, marketing specialists, rookies, etc. You can think about different awards – outstanding employee, employee in best shape, amazing contribution for the company development, best rookie.
  8. workiton lunch with the bossLunch with the boss award for an employee once a month. Don’t discuss work at the lunch and just get to know the employee better.
  9. Make the employees spend one day with an employee on another job position, so the employees can get familiar with their colleagues and their jobs.
  10. Call an employee to your office to thank them (don’t discuss any other issues). The conversation will be highly appreciated by the employee and they will return back to work full with a big smile on their face.
  11. If you have a department newsletter or a company magazine, publish a “kudos” column and ask the employees for nominations.
  12. Give points for attendance, punctuality, teamwork, etc. They can be something like gift certificates, coupons or board games.
  13. workiton party office teamStart a suggestion program. You can listen to your employees’ suggestions and improve the workplace so it can be more comfortable for them.
  14. Plan a surprise achievement celebration for an employee or a whole team of employees. This can show them that you notice their efforts and achievements. It will also make them unexpectedly happy and definitely will touch them.

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