Work as a team on workitonHow to give a gift to an employee to show them you respect them and appreciate them at the office? And most important how to select an appropriate present? Read our suggestions that can really increase the good mood at your workplace.

  1. Create a large “celebration calendar” in your workplace. Add notes of recognition to specific dates – birth days, career anniversaries, team buildings, after work parties.
  2. Greet employees by name. You may think that it’s something simple but you will see amazing results in a short period of time. The respect that employees feel for you will increase.
  3. Party Calendar on WorkitonCelebrate birthdays at the office. It’s really not that expensive to send birthday cards to employees’ homes, containing best wishes and signed by you and the team.
  4. Smile and do it sincerely. It’s not just contagious but it helps you create a positive and friendly work environment.
  5. Office Sandwich party on workitonServe a team a hero party sandwich at the end of an assignment or a project, for a job well done. This won’t be expected and can really increase the fun levels around the office.
  6. When someone has spent long hours at work, send them a letter to their home. This is a gesture that shows how much you appreciate the employee’s efforts and their time apart from their family.
  7. Special Mug Treatment on worktionGive a personalized mug. From time to time give employees a coffee cup filled with treats when they deserve it. Or you can purchase a mug with a special message on it, e.g. “You’re the best at organizing!”.
  8. Create a “Stress Support Kit” that included aspirin, a comedy flash drive, a stress ball, candies – or design your own one.
  9. It’s also OK to allow an employee to choose their next assignment or in what order they can do their daily tasks. If the employee has this freedom they not only will be better at what they do but also will do it with pleasure.
  10. Sweet ice cream for all on workitonServe ice cream to all of your employees at the end of a project or a stressed period. Make sure that they do not expect anything, tell them all that they need to attend to a meeting in the conference room and then surprise them. This always works especially in the hot summer days.
  11. Once a year, have a “Staff Appreciation Day” where the managers cook and serve food for the employees. It is a really good way to show employees on all levels that everybody is just a human.
  12. Find out the person’s hobby and buy a hobby-related gift. This makes your employees to feel really special and important
  13. Create a Wall/Hall of Fame with photos of good employees. Some funny outstanding photos to show your company best employees timeline. They will be honored to see their photo hanging on the wall.

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