Job searching could be a long, frustrating and stressful process, especially when the jobseeker is in urge to find a job. Usually people do not have much faith in job boars. There are hundreds of job offers posted and hundreds of applicants for each of them. So, here are some tips to organize the job search process:

  • Define your goals :
    • what positions you are willing to apply
    • what locations (cities, countries) you prefer
    • what type of contracts you are looking for
    • what is your level of experience

The answers of the questions above will determine the keywords for your job searching.

  • Update your CV with your all your relevant experience and skills;
  • Browse the most popular jobs board in the country you want to work in;
  • Find jobs boards that are dedicated exclusively on the career you are pursuading, e.g. IT careers jobs site, Accountancy jobs site;
  • If you have a dream company you want to work for, check if the company has a career page and send your CV;
  • Use Linkedin to connect with recruiters. A lot of big companies use the services of recruiting agencies. Recruiters have access to job openings that haven’t been published on jobs boards yet.
  • Use Linkedin to join specialized groups about the area you are intested in, e.g. SAP jobs, Marketing jobs, Jobs abroad, etc. By joining groups on Linkedin, you expand your contacts network and can connect with more people.
  • Attend career fairs. The online career fairs become more and more popular. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can have interview online with the representatives of various companies.
  • Share with your friends you are looking for a job. If they hear of a suitable job opportunity, they will have you in mind as potential candidate.
  • Occasionally, check alternative jobs offers and job boards because you never know when something interesting, that you have not thought about, may arise. An interesting one is AngelList jobs

For a huge collection of jobs sites you can visit Workiton jobs sites page