SucessThere are some people who are born wealthy and then there are some who become rich. Many of them were rejected, suffered failures or have been forced to live in poverty, without money and without security for tomorrow. None of them has refused to pursue his dreams and believe in himself. And it was the right decision. Today we see that each of them paid no small price to become what is now and earn the smile of fate.Failures are nothing but stepping stones to success. And no one has proved this saying better than these amazingly inspirational people.

GandiMahatma Gandhi – Hе is perhaps the most inspirational tale. Originally a barrister in India by profession, he was not a strong lawyer as he was unable to cross-question his witnesses. After spending some time drafting litigation letters, he went to South Africa where he developed his political skills. It was not a cake-walk for him even there and his Satyagraha movement was fraught with difficulties even in India. Perhaps his biggest failure of all times was the partition of India and Pakistan.

SpielbergSteven Spielberg – He was rejected by the University of Southern California and School of Cinematic Arts multiple times. He went on to create the first summer blockbuster with “Jaws” in 1975, and has won three Academy Awards.



Halle BerryHalle Berry – Oscar winner Halle Berry once lived in a homeless shelter when she was just over twenty years. When she first came to Chicago to become an actress, she ran out of money.




Chris GardnerChris Gardner – The man who inspired the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness,” but he was homeless with a young son in his arms, when attended training courses in finance. He won a seat on one of the TV shows, but could not afford much with a lower salary, and as a result his wife left him.



Hilary SwankHilary Swank – She grew up in a trailer as a teenager together with her mother. Before she became nominees for an Oscar, Swank dropped out of high school and decided to become an actress. When she was 15 years old, Swank and her mother left Washington and went to California.



ChaplinCharlie Chaplin – Charlie Chaplin had seen a distressful and traumatic childhood, before he became the greatest actor of the silent era. He grew father-less, and his mother being in a mental hospital. He raised his brother and himself, making petty living. The way he lived out the most unimaginable hardships, his life story became the most heart wrenching story.

Roman AbramovichRoman Abramovich – This oil and aluminium tycoon lived the life of a poor orphan when he was just four. He once made his living by selling plastic ducts from his apartment. Roman Abramovich’s story from an abandoned orphan to a billionaire is a well documented one. Today, he’s worth $11.2 billion.


JimJim Carrey – This great person once lived in a car VW Camper Van and in a tent on the front lawn of his sister. Kerry said that in these difficult financial times, he grew up on himself and developed a sense of humor.



Ingvar KampradIngvar Kamprad – Founder of IKEA. He was raised on a farm in Sweden. Kamprad bought matches in bulk from capital Stockholm to sell to his neighbours and later expanded to fish, Christmas decorations and pens.



Carmen ElectraCarmen Electra – She became homeless at the age of just over 20 years old, when all her savings were stolen by a former boyfriend. After a concert, one of the dancers, friend of Electra, stole her savings, leaving her for a few years homeless in Hollywood.



Leonardo Del VecchioLeonardo Del Vecchio Founder of Luxottica. His father died five months prior to his birth. He was given to an orphanage by his mother because she was unable to support him financially. He began his career as an apprentice to a tool and dye maker in Milan, Italy.



J.K. RowlingJ.K. Rowling – The queen of the fantasy novels and author of the Harry Potter series, Rowling is currently worth $1 billion. The writer has grown out of a humble background, where her single mother lived on welfare in Edinburgh. Rowling reveals that she even tried committing suicide at a time when she was broke and depressed. The celebrated author is a known name in most households today.

These people were not just poor, some of them were homeless, but ultimately changed their life and became a source of inspiration for those who dream of a professional career started from zero. We hope that this inspiring stories of people who at some point in their lives had nowhere even to sleep, will give you enough motivation and strength to fight with all the difficulties of this world and achieve what is destined to be yours.

Flight to Success