Lately, it has become really popular to be a blogger. There is a certain type of blogging that usually attracts huge interest, travel blogging.


How it looks like – people traveling around the world, sometimes for free, on press trips, and sharing their amazing travel experiences. It sounds like a dream job.

The usual question that pops up is how travel bloggers make money. There are usually various sources of income – displaying paid ads on the blog, writing articles for travel sites, social media mentoring, additional freelance projects. Businesses are looking to gain exposure for their products by hiring popular bloggers with thousands of followers to promote them. The outreach service is beneficial for both parties. Most bloggers report earning from some hundreds to some thousands of dollars. It depends on the individual dedication and luck.


What it takes to become a successful travel blogger – Although it sounds like a fun,  travel blogging is not an easy-occupation. It requires a lot of dedication, patience, and passion about it. It usually takes months, even an year or more, for a blog to grow and to gain a good amount of visits per day that will make it profitable. Apart from the writing skills, additional skills like marketing, SEO, basic web development and design are needed to turn the blogging into a successful business. A good equipment like a camera, a laptop, and a backpack is required to make the travel blogging possible.

It is not a few-hours-workweek job. A lot of people give up after first months without seeing any big result.  However, those who have managed to become successful travel bloggers, despite all the difficulties, say they love their job.

Here are some engaging travel blogs:

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