Finding a new job can be a long and stressful process, especially for the unemployed. Usually, the recruitment process for a single position lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. The frustration is huge when after 2 weeks of waiting for a response, the recruiter calls with bad news and kills all hopes and positive attitude.

Job interview

Here are a few tips how to use the waiting time and to not let stress control you.

  • Prepare for the interviews – usually the recruitment process involves more than 1 interview with different people from the company. Practice your pitch to make sure you present yourself in the best way. Practise answers to HR questions. A lot of good specialists miss opportunities because they don’t do well at interviews and create a wrong impression. Depending on the position, there could be a technical interview. Take time to study for the technical exam. Explore our Q&A section to ask and answer job interview questions for different positions.
  • Rewrite your résumé – having a well-written résumé  that highlights your key skills and experience is crucial to get the recruiters attention. Make sure that you include and emphasize the most relevant skills. Depending on the specific job requirement, you might have to rewrite your CV for the specific position. There are a lot of good tutorials online how to create an eye-catching resume, or you can schedule a consultation with our expert to assist you with the preparation of the résumé and cover letter.
  • Learn new things – check the requirements for your desired position and start working on those skills that you are missing.
  • Do some freelance work – it will help you practice your skills, and make some extra money.  Sites like offer thousands of freelance jobs per day. Even on you can register as an expert and give consultations on topics you are familiar with.
  • Ever wanted to start an own business? Now you have the time to give it a try. Join the community of people who blog or sell handmade stuff and make a decent living from it. If you have a hobby that can be monetized, don’t hesitate to try to turn it into a business. Maybe you will become a successful entrepreneur and you will not have to wait for that “you have been hired” call.
  • Exercise and meet people – waiting for a feedback from the recruiters is stressful. If you focus all your thoughts on the job search process, you will eventually burn out. Instead, do some sports and go out with family and friends. It can be done for free and will recharge your batteries.