career bucketlist

It is that time of the year when people usually create their wishlist with things they would like to achieve during the next year.  Here you can find some popular career goals.

  1. Get a promotion

    Demonstrate you are a good professional, be proactive, talk to your manager at the annual appraisals sessions about your future career development, apply for the positions advertised internally

  2. Ask for a pay raise

    The pay raise is one of the main incentives at work. Do a previous research about pay rates at other companies for your position. Make sure you can justify your request presenting your achievements.

  3. Start your own business

    Being an entrepreneur has never been so easy and trendy. There are thousands of programs and entrepreneurship events around the world to help you start and grow your business.

  4. Create a passive income stream

    Making some extra money without putting much effort sounds really tempting. Renting an apartment, sell stuff on Ebay, make money from ads on your site are only a few of the ideas how to create a passive income stream

  5. Clean / Redecorate your desk

    Remove all unnecessary papers, put all your tools in order, add an element that will make you relax and smile when you look at it

  6. Redecorate your office

    Make your office a comfortable and nice place to spend your workday there. Check what ideas people are sharing about how to make the office a nice workplacenice-office

  7. Change your job

    If you feel stuck at your job and you are not motivated to continue within the same company, you can always find another career path. Check how to create a successful job search strategy

  8. Enrich your CV

    A new language course or a new skill added to your CV are always a plus.

  9. Turn your hobby into a job

    Working what you love is the dream of most people. Think how you could monetize your hobbies and get into action. Assisting any of the start-up events could help you generate many ideas.

  10. Become a millionaire

    Another top dream. No recipe here 🙂

  11. Balance work-personal life

    If all your time is dedicated to your job, you will eventually burn out. Having the balance between work and personal life will recharge you and make you much more productive and balance

  12. Do not be late for work/meetings

    If you are often late for work/meetings, it might affect in a negative way your appraisal and for sure your colleagues who always try to be on time might complain.

What is your on your career bucket list? Share your ideas below.