By Louis Martin


Is Your Logo Design Saying The Right Thing About Your Brand?

Designing a logo is simple, right? No, it is not! A logo design is not just placing name or a symbol in a box. A logo design is the visual identity of a brand that gives a glimpse to your customers about your brand.  A logo design is a custom mark that serves as a visual picture of your company or organization.

A logo design is saying the right thing about your brand if it has all the components that a professional logo design have. Assumptions that branding is all about colors, fonts and slogan is not all, it is much more than that. In actual, branding is the corporate image that you make of your brand out of which a logo design is the most fundamental stage when you start branding. Designing a logo is combining several elements of your brand in a simplest manner to create a final and precise image of your brand.

Why Must Logo Design Show A Corporate Image?

The important idea and core concept of having a ‘corporate image’ is that everything a brand does, everything it owns and everything it delivers should reflect the values and aims of the business.The logo design has to be in consistent with the core idea of the business and reflects the brand’s image. It is not purely some colors, some typefaces, or a slogan; it is the overall look of a brand.

How To Align Your Logo Design To Your Brand?

The first question that is needed to ask questions before identifying if the logo design is saying the right thing about your brand.

  • What is your brand all about?
  • What are the main values of your brand?
  • What message do you want to deliver to your target audience?

Is Your Logo Design Saying The Right Thing About Your Brand?

The answers to these questions can let you create a logo design for your brand type. Do not mix your logo design with your entire branding. Just keep in mind that your logo design is one of the parts of your brand identity and your branding does not depend entirely on a logo design.

Branding is how people outlook and perceive your company. It is also how you as the owner, and your workforce view and has an image of your company. It is not just the design of your logo, business, cards, or website. It is about more than the brand design that your company has to offer. It is about how an audience connects with your company on multiple levels throughout at different brand touch points.

Creating a logo design that has your brand colors and feel of your brand is the right approach for boosting your brand identity. A professional design is a visual that make up the corporate identity of a company and highlight their beliefs. It is not just purely a logo design and some colors put together and made to look pretty, in fact, a logo design that is most memorable image to the public in the simplest manner.

Take a look at logo designs of Nike or Apple; these are one color and simple logo designs yet recognizable. All of these companies have strongly established logo design that has stood the test of times and are recognizable at an instant. Just keep in mind that every single aspect of the logo design that includes symbol, style, typeface and colors is equally important when designing a logo.

Wrapping Up

Seems to be an easy job but not all can do than a professional logo designer that creates a logo design that has the full value and reflects the brand image. For startups, it is at times difficult to the spent good amount of money on a professional logo design but if having long term goals of creating a profound brand image demands for a professional logo design at the very start.