Custom Website Design Tricks to Boost Sales

The first few seconds of landing on the website determine the overall journey of the visitor. A website design cannot succeed by excelling just in design or concept unless it does not give a give a good user experience with smooth functionality. How easily a user can navigate on your website counts to the bounce rate of your website. While creating a professional website design, a web designer must design it in a way to grab user’s attention.

Boosting sales is only possible if you get good conversions, a slight change in the conversion rate effects the profit of your company. Creating a visual appeal through your website is important in attracting customers which a dull and complex website design cannot and will eventually repel your customers.

Here are few tips to create a custom website design to boost sales.

Initiate With A Plan:

Initiating with a website plan maps out the overall strategy that a web designer follows in a web design process.  Keeping the website flow in order let you manage the content, design and other technicalities systematically.


Easy Navigation:

Custom Website Design Tricks to Boost Sales

Internet buyers expect a fast response, and it is the same expectation whether they are looking for a product or service on your website or some useful information. The faster your visitor can navigate information on your website the better experience they gain from your website. Getting the exact information, product or service on your website without any hassle increase the likelihood of doing business with you.

Know Your Customers:

Custom Website Design Tricks to Boost Sales

Take into account what you already know about your customers and start researching what your customer wants and use the collected data in creating a custom website design for your business.  Knowing your customer will let you make a custom website design that would directly trigger to the needs of your customers and serve them in the best possible manner.

Include Social Sharing Buttons:

A website with a great web content attracts customers. Social sharing buttons on a website make it convenient for the readers to share the content on social media channels. Put on social media buttons on your website and link you social accounts with your website.


The Power of Images:

Adding up a stock of images on your website does not make it appealing or make your website genuine. Using the right type of stock photo brings realism to your brand and supports the content of your website.


Let The Page Scroll:

Custom Website Design Tricks to Boost Sales


Putting in fresh content on your website increases the credibility of your website and gives the reader a fresh page to scroll through. Dividing the content into sections let your readers read each part of your website and do not make your website boring.

The overall content of your website can be divided into,

  • About US
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Testimonials
  • Blogs
  • About the product or services

Mobile Optimization:

We all know but let’s take recall of optimizing your website for mobile. With the great usage of mobile devices, it is necessary to tailor your website design for mobile devices to give the best user experience. Don’t let your audience miss the seamless experience of your website with the absence of mobile optimization.


Identify Broken Links:

There are always few pages that are not working on your website. Take out time and evaluate the pages on your site which are broken and fix them to increase the functionality of your website design. Many websites take too long to load, and even the smallest errors on your website can take away your potential customers. Make sure to keep the information readily available for the visitors and keep your site free of errors.



It is a misconception that website design is all about creating an attractive website, but custom and effective website design are creating a user- friendly website that appears well on the search engine, is mobile optimized and designed to sell. While developing a website, consider both design and technical factors to let your website make sales for you.