ways your business can clean a website

Cleaning up a website is a great way to give your site a fresh and updated look. Showing businesses’ credibility and professionalism in the eye of your potential customers is what every marketer opt for which is not possible if your website is cluttered. A cluttered website might not sound like a big issue for the website owner but bother the user while they are using their site.

A clean web design is more important these days as most people access the website through mobile rather than desktop devices. Websites yet being mobile-friendly often get challenging to be read, easily navigated on and getting an adequate the response to ‘call to action’ buttons. It is not necessary to have a custom website designto be flashy and colourful. In today’s time, the dominance of flat design is high in the race and a great website design does not need to be flashy or visually striking. Websites of most giants of information technology or business fields are bound to be simple and clear.Designed by custom website design company, these sites win the audience and make an impression to gain repeat footprints and intensive interaction of users.

Here are the best and simple ways to clean your website.


Keep The Plugins up-to-date:

There isn’t a day when you have not seen any plugin update, and it is our standard practice to ignore these updates. There are times when these updates are necessary to be catered to address security vulnerabilities which make your site updated and provide additional improvements to keep things up-to- date. To make your site look good, do not wait for the update notification; check them, take out time for new downloads and keep your site updated.

ways your business can clean a website

Check for Broken Links:

Broken pages or unidentified pages are the biggest reason for a user to switch to another site. We often remove pages from our site while forgetting that we have linked them to any other site that makes the users’ disappointed as they land on pages that no longer exists. These small changes result in 404 error pages, hurts your website reputations and might navigate the user away from your website.

ways your business can clean a website


Review Your Web Analytics:

Starting with your analytics can save your some time as you go through the upcoming steps since you’ll know which pages, forms, and links are the most likely to need your attention. Your website analytics gives you a quick look and review about your website as to how it is performing and the ongoing potential issues of a site. Reviewing the performance of your web pages let you identify the pages that bounce back the user, pages that get you most conversions and also the points where attention is required. 

ways your business can clean a website


Ensure a Mobile Friendly Website:

To have a responsive, mobile-friendly website is no longer a treat, but a necessity for all online businesses. All website owners will assume their site as mobile friendly as they will not face any difficulty in navigating the site whereas it is not necessary for a new common user to navigate all the web pages smoothly. Take a user test overtime to ensure that the navigation is smooth and all the pages are working smoothly with no page errors or broken links. Interestingly, it takes only a few minutes and clicks to have a user test and no development needed.


Get Daily Backups:

It’s significant that you have a backup for your website. It saves time, money and maintains the stability of your website. Check your hosting service provider as they could provide you with daily and on-demand backups with just one click.


The Content Area:

One of the biggest misconceptions is considering the first written content as the content for the lifetime. Updating your content often let your site index in the search engines, improves your search engine rankings and increases users’ engagement.

ways your business can clean a website


Where Can You Update Content?

Portfolio Update:
Add your new projects and remove all old projects that don’t align with your industry or niche anymore. Showing up the best work on your website shows your capability, attracts your potential clients and compel them to work with you.

Adding Testimonials:

Collect up positive testimonials of your clients’ experience and add it to your testimonials page or throughout your website. These little bits of feedback and word of mouth builds trust and transparency of how you work and how well are your clients satisfied.

Add New Blogs:

Adding up a blog section on your site grabs user’s interest. Moreover, it the best point to add regular information on your site in the form of infographics and useful information. It engages your users on your site and let them grasp useful information overtime.

Wrapping Up,

While de-cluttering your website, make sure to uncover many areas that need improvement and in the end, you’ll be happy you took the time to make a few adjustments and improvements. A clear website is great as it is easy to use and functions the way it’s supposed to while also retains your potential customers.