The best thing about a career in digital marketing is the fact that it has friendly entry-level requirements and unlimited potential for growth. As time goes by, you’ll become more skilled at what you do, the industry itself will become much more lucrative and your employment potential might increase, as well. For a digital marketer, it’s easy to find freelance work, as well as get employed in an agency, depending on your aspirations. Overall, this is definitely a career worth considering and here are several tips to help you progress a lot faster.

Learn the terminology

As soon as you enter an industry, you’ll be met with a myriad of unfamiliar terms and abbreviations. Regardless of what you do, your ability to thrive and prosper in this environment will rely on you grasping these terms as soon as possible. Things like CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost-per-click), PPC (pay-per-click) and numerous other abbreviations are just some of the terms you’ll encounter on a daily basis. Simple words like conversions, impressions, leads and engagements might also not mean what you would expect them to mean. In order to learn the lesson, you need to start by learning the language of the textbook.

How to progress in your digital career

Have adequate hardware

The next thing you need is adequate hardware and a suitable arsenal differs from one person to another. It’s not just enough to have a computer and broadband. You see, the fact is that you’ll be doing a lot of multi-tasking, which means that you can also benefit from having multiple screens and multiple devices at the same time. Seeing as how you’ll need a tablet and a laptop, getting a 2-in-1 laptop might be a solid choice. Other than this, wireless chargers and power banks may also be something worth considering. Remember, this is your life and your career, which means that you’re investing and not wasting money on these gadgets.

Keep learning

In the era of online courses and seminars, there’s really no excuse for you not to pursue your education. The best thing about this is that you have a chance to learn from some of the greatest experts that are currently half-a-world away, instead of being restricted to locally available courses. You also don’t have to commute to your lessons or take an absence from work. You see, online courses are designed with working people in mind. This means that you can just use your free time to self-improve and do so with the income generated by your day-job.

how to progress in your digital career

Pick a narrow niche

A term digital marketer is quite broad, which means that, in order to progress in it, you may need to pick a tad more specific and narrower niche. This is especially true for those who are interested in freelance digital marketing, due to the fact that you’ll have a limited amount of time, resources and manpower (usually an army of one). By focusing on one aspect of digital marketing, you’ll be able to provide services of higher quality, as well as market yourself as a specialist. This will grant you higher authority and provide you with a chance to charge substantially more for your services.

Networking and outreach

One of the most important and most underestimated skills of a digital marketer is the ability to work with others. Think about it, regardless of how good or skilled you are, chances are that you won’t be able to do it all on your own. This is why you need to get in touch with people whose services you’re going to need in the future. Not only that, but you need to invest extra effort to leave a good impression on them, which is going to be all but easy. Still, by learning how to address people in the digital world, how to compose a great introduction email and several other (similar) skills, you’ll be well on your way towards making a disproportionally large impact in the digital marketing industry.

Work on your personal brand

Remember that while brand loyalty is great, as a digital marketer, you need to put yourself first and work on your personal brand as much as you work on the digital footprint of your clients. Another important piece of advice that you have to hear is that you need to inquire about standard industry prices. Namely, by under-charging, you’ll undermine your own authority, even though, at the moment, this method may seem to make you more competitive. In the long-run, however, this idea tends to horribly backfire.


The very last piece of advice for you is to dream big and map the ideal career path that you can envision. This way, you can try and inquire on all the steps necessary for you to keep following this path, in terms of education, skills and work experience. With this and the above-listed six tips in hand, you’ll be well on your way towards fulfilling your goals.

About the Author:
David Webb is a Sydney-based business consultant, marketing analyst and a writer. With a decade of experience in a business sphere and a degree in business management, he continuously informs the public about the latest trends in the industry. He is an Editor in Chief at BizzmarkBlog. You can reach him on Twitter or Facebook.