So you want to make beauty not only your hobby, your passion, but also your profession? Well, you’d be happy to know that this is a very viable, and very honest way to make money and to build a career. In this article, we deal with the highest paid professionals in the beauty industry, explaining them somewhat, and in general helping you learn more about them.

Now, before we begin – a caveat. Namely, you will need a proper beautician licence, either through getting a good education, or taking on an apprenticeship. Furthermore, some of the jobs below require further training or education, so you need to keep that in mind as well. So, without further ado, read on and find out exactly what kind of work you can do.


Yes, if you enjoy the written word, if you think you can write, then why not share your passion for beauty products and write about them? Your job will revolve around writing about products, brands, and companies. You can even write reviews of the products you tried out, or even document your journey when you’re experimenting with specific products. You can also work as an editor, checking out and working on the articles others have written, providing them with direction and ways to improve their work.


An aesthetician works in high-end spas, business, and generally outside of their own homes. This means you work with waxing, hair removal, makeup work, whatever it is you do best, you can use in this manner. Note that the more skills you acquire as an aesthetician, the better your situation will be.

For example, getting certifications for laser hair removal, or learning how to extend lashes can give you lots of extra work, and can significantly increase the demand for your services on the market. As you well know, the better your education, the higher the value of your work. 

Theatrical and performance work

The world of cinema and theater might be calling for you and your services. However, know that this job isn’t just about applying eye shadow and rouge. No, rather, you might need to know how to face pain, how to use prosthetic, how to apply facial hair, as well as understanding how wigs work. Three is a lot of variety with this job.

Of course, a vital part of breaking through in this industry is completing a good screen and media course. It also requires a solid bit of luck and, of course, hard work. Still, you can expect a very dynamic and fun-filled job where you meet lots of actors, and become part of a very large production that will, hopefully, entertain millions. Your big break is just behind the corner.

Special effects makeup

For those with a bit more unorthodox, artistic bent, we suggest you check out careers in special effects. An SFX artist is quite similar to the above-mentioned theatrical makeup artist, but it’s a bit more dramatic. Namely, as a special effects artist, you will contribute towards the creation of a completely new character. Maybe you will work with people becoming zombies, or aliens, or whatever else the movie or show demands. Perhaps you will get a job working on a commercial, or some kind of publicity stunt. The sky is the limit with this job, as long as you are successfully breakthrough.

Product developer

Maybe, instead of film and theatre, you are more interested in something a bit more corporate? Well, product development in this field is exactly what you need. Namely, product development can be focused on actually creating new products. This is great if you have some experience and knowledge when it comes to chemistry and biology. However, you can also work in a more advisory role, by giving ideas on how the product can look like or smell like.

Namely, you will be choosing fragrances, giving new concepts, maybe even giving some advice when it comes to branding and marketing.

Salon owner

You can go with the most entrepreneurial option, and choose to become a spa owner. This requires a significant initial investment, but it also means you get the highest earning potential. IN fact, six figures are not uncommon when it comes to this type of work.  This can be a very challenging job, but also a job that has the highest rewards for those who simply don’t want to have a boss, and want to work for themselves.

You can rent out styling chairs, nail tech tables you can have people work for you and get a cut from them, offering them your premises…


And there you have it folks, the best highest paying jobs in the beauty industry. No matter what you are interested in, you can find the right job for you. Beauty is lucrative, beauty is special, and spreading beauty can give you the career you want. Whether it’s you working in a spa, or as an aesthetician, or maybe even in the film industry, we are certain you will find exactly what you need to make your dreams come true.