A lot of people have trouble interpreting what is it that makes one successful. Sure, words like one’s will, drive and determination can pretty much sum up what it takes for one to succeed, however, the majority of these words are quite abstract, to begin with. Therefore, it might be best to try and examine these factors of success through something more tangible. For instance, one’s habits and patterns of behaviour. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top six habits that are quite common with successful small business owners.

Better time management

The first thing worth keeping in mind is the fact that great entrepreneurs excel at time management. They use time management apps to schedule their day but it goes even further than that. You need to understand that these people also have a peculiar way of finding some extra time. For instance, a lot of successful people have a habit of getting up at 4 of 5 AM in order to steal several extra hours for microlearning, exercise or in order to properly prepare for work. Time is a finite resource and the sooner you understand this, the more careful you will be when it comes to how you use it.

Delegating tasks

A second thing worth mentioning is the fact that a lot of entrepreneurs overwork themselves because they A) don’t trust their staff enough or B) they don’t have anyone capable of replacing them in certain tasks. First, a lack of trust will seriously restrict your growth potential. Second, the only way for your staff to become capable is for them to actually start acquiring experience. Just keep in mind that with increased responsibility, you also need to follow up with an appropriate reward. Also, not all tasks are seen as a reward. This is something that you have to balance in order to keep the aura of fairness alive and well in the workplace.

Not letting their ego get in the way

Sure, being passionate about your work is always a huge plus, however, you just can’t let your ego get in the way. First of all, you need to admit to yourself that you’re not all-powerful and that there are some tasks that require a level of skill or industry-specific knowledge that you simply don’t possess. For instance, unless you have a background in law, it would be best to find a specialized law firm like Leyden Legal to outsource to, rather than attempt to handle your issue on your own. Also, when receiving feedback, you need to understand that even if it consists of criticism, it isn’t necessarily a personal attack. Distance yourself from it in order to get a full picture.

Ability to listen

Being able to listen to your employees, partners and investors are one of the key factors in devising a sound strategy, as well as handling day-to-day situation with a great level of success. Keep in mind that instead of wasting time trying to decipher what other people want you can just try listening to them. More often than not, they will make their intentions and expectations clear. This way, you can drastically improve your own staff’s abilities. The habit of actively listening to others is one of the main traits of all great leaders and managers. It is also one of the skills required in order to make people like you more.

Knowing when to vent some steam

A job of an entrepreneur is unlike any other. First of all, you’re under so much pressure, seeing as how the entire future of the business is in your hands. Second, even entrepreneurs who delegate and outsource tend to overwork themselves, not to mention the fact that they quite significantly neglect their social lives. This is why it’s so important that you learn how to vent some steam. If you have a hobby, now is the time to start practising it on a regular basis. Make it into a daily or weekly ritual, depending on how much time you have available and how much time it takes. Also, try spending as much time with your family and friends.

In conclusion

The last thing worth mentioning is the fact that abiding by these habits as a one-time thing is definitely not enough. What you need to do is exercise consistency. For instance, if you’re getting up early, you need to do so every single day. If you’re venting on a weekly basis, you need to do so every single week. And if you intend to be a better listener, your personal mood shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your determination to do so. All in all, consistency makes you into a more reliable leader, which is a key success factor.

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Alexis Walker

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