This year, TechCrunch Disrupt went completely virtual bringing together the most innovative entrepreneurs from around the world.

The event was hosted on Hopin – a really cool platform for virtual events that provided a great online experience to the thousands of attendees.

Here are 11 of the coolest startups we found at this year’s show. At the end, you will find a bonus company from the TC Sessions:Mobility edition.


Revolutionizing the way we interact with technology

Touchwood Labs is incorporating technology in our furniture and surroundings to minimize the distraction caused by the interaction with multiple apps and devices.

With the tap on the desk surface, users can check their calendar, read their messages, adjust the volume, and many more. While the display is off, the desk looks completely normal.

A group video chat platform that makes it easy to jump from one virtual conversation to another.

What makes Rally different from the other video chat applications is that Rally recreates the feeling of being in a room where multiple conversations happen simultaneously.

You can hear what other people are talking about and if you are interested in the topic, you can easily join the conversation.

Virtual assistant that acts as Google for personal conversations

When it comes to a movie title, song lyrics or science facts, most of us use Google to recall information we can’t remember, but Google can’t help you remember the name of someone new you just met or what you said during the meeting last week. aims not only to act as Google for your memory but also to analyze and suggest what you would say in another conversation.

  • Headquarters San Diego, California, United States
  • Category Artificial Intelligence
  • Website

Learning Pal

Learning Pal digitizes your paper documents

LearningPal uses AI to recognize and extract the data from scanned paper documents, and turn the image into digital and searchable data.

LearningPal is able to recognize handwritten and machine-printed documents. It is highly accurate in recognizing different characters, symbols, languages, etc.

The benefits of using LearningPal are reducing the manual data entry and freeing the employees from repetitive tasks that involve a high risk of committing errors.


Supercharge your eCommerce with Voice Technology

VoiceFlip is a SaaS solution that allows merchants to see their products online using Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Cortana.

It is easy to integrate. It works with all digital assistants. It offers the customers hands-free experience.


Instant healthy food for your dog

Kibus works with dehydrated pet food and water.

With only one refill, your dog will get instantly cooked meals for an entire week. You can program the daily quantity your pet needs and the time for it to be dispensed. When the meal is ready, a speaker calls out your pet.


Human-centric, tech-driven water conservation

Oasense is a showerhead that saves water by using sensors to control the water flow.

Oasense can be installed just like any other showerhead. It’s sensing capability can be turned off and on again.

By using Oasense, you can significantly reduce the consumption of water in the shower.

Panda Training

Train your employees how to achieve their goals

Panda Training organizes 30 min coaching sessions via chat that aim to help employees develop skills and achieve goals.

Panda Training offers different solutions – 1-on-1 with certified coaches, chatbot or a mix of human and chatbox sessions.

Their phylosophy is think like a CEO, start smart, and look at the big picture.

SymGym makes your workouts fun by combining serious games with serious exercise


With SymGym you can have a full-body workout while playing games and competing against your friends.

You control the game by moving independent arm bars and foot pedals. The resistance changes based on the game level and the game action.

To keep you entertained, SymGym comes with a variety of games that are updated on a regular basis. SymGym relies on fun factors to keep you motivated to exercise regularly.


Vertical farms close to your home

UrbanKisaan grows crops in its vertical farms without using any harmful chemicals and uses 95% water less than the traditional farms.

UrbanKisaan grows over 50 varieties of vegetables. Currently, the customers are mostly individual consumers. UrbanKisaan has an online show where customers can shop and get the vegetables delivered on the same or the next day.

UrbanKisaan also sells home kits for anyone who wants to grow crops at home.

And the Big Winner at TechCrunch Disrupt 2020 is … Canix

ERP software to help you manage your cannabis business

Canix aims to reduce the labor costs around compliance, inventory management, and sales in your cannabis business. The robust software handles inventory monitoring, invoicing, forecasting, reporting.

Canis is doing a great job in reducing significantly the manual data entry involved around staying compliant.

Bonus from the TC Sessions: Mobility 2020: Dronamics

Black Swan: Unmanned aircraft

The mission at Dronamics is to lower the cost of shipping in emerging markets.

Their next project is called “The Black Swan”. Think of small planes that can transport 350 kg over 2,500 KM. The planes are fuel efficient unmanned.