Please introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Veselin Nguyen. I am currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For the past 10 years I’ve been highly focused building my career in the IT field and more specifically in the Financial/Banking domain. Currently, I am working as a software consultant for a Dutch
bank in Amsterdam.

How would you present PeeQwiq in one sentence?

Handy & UX friendly pocket app, whenever you go, whenever you need.

Now, tell us more about PeeQwiq – what does it do, how people can benefit from using it?

PeeQwiq is a toilet finder app. Its main purpose is to help people find toilets while traveling or being with kids outside for an example. But at the same time, it helps people with health/bladder deceases to feel more confident and stress-free when they are outside. Also, the app is completely free and it is also free of ads.

How did you come up with the idea of PeeQwiq?

Long story short, everything started as a joke. When I was living in Edinburgh, Scotland, a friend of mine once shared that would be great if finding a toilet was as easy as finding a taxi, as it was a struggle … drinking coffee/tea .. walking in the park, and suddenly, oopss.. the ‘where can I find a toilet?’ pops up. At that moment, I decided that creating peeQwiq would be a great idea. Last year, during the pandemic, with the help of friends and also communities, we launched PeeQwiq.

Who is PeeQwiq for?

PeeQwiq is for almost everyone, tourists, parents with children, people with bladder problems, and many others.

To stay healthy is important to go to toilet regularly and to not hold your pee. In that sense, to stay healthy and also, to keep our cities and environment clean and green, should be everyone’s top priority.
We recently launched a Quiz not only for fun but also to help people get more informed about health.

Can PeeQwiq be used anywhere in the world?

Yes, definitely. The app contains global data, and it’s driven globally by the community using the app which is increasing steadily.

Tell us about some of the milestones PeeQwiq has already hit

A really good question!
First, I would say starting from a joke to a global product, for a very short time. It has more than 10K downloads without any paid advertising and spreading the news about the app. People just find it by themselves.
Access to 100K+ toilet locations. Almost every big city in Europe is covered by the app. We keep expanding thanks to our powerful contributing community.
Last but not least, peeQwiq has achieved a partnership / friendship with a Dutch company that produces bio / green toilets. We are also looking forward new investors who are going to get onboard anytime soon.

What are the challenges you faced while creating PeeQwiq?

One of the challenge, I would say, was to pick the correct technology and framework for the project initially, as I’ve never done mobile development before. It took me some time to research and learn about the existing platforms already on the market.
Another one was the so-called ‘cold start’ when you build an app but the data is missing. So, there was a need to find a possible way to solve this problem until we built a big enough community. We had to add more toilets ourselves.

At the moment, I would say we are with a quite big coverage. I believe people who keep sharing and helping each other by contributing and adding the toilets they know, are increasing every day.

What’s next on the horizon for PeeQwiq?

That’s something to keep in secret for now, but there is a lot coming and soon it will be spread worldwide.

Are you looking for partners, investors, or other specialists to join the PeeQwiq team?

PeeQwiq has a small team that is currently enough to work on the upcoming features we plan.
At the same time, we are looking for new partners to work together to mutual benefit. So far, we already have 2 partners in 2 different countries and a big friends list. We aim to expand in this direction further.

Finally, please share a fun fact about toilets

Humans spend 3 months of their lifetime sitting on the toilet.

One more, not that fun, but really important one:

Not going to toilet and holding your pee for very long time regularly, can permanently damage your bladder.

PeeQwiq is available on AppStore, GooglePlay, and on