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The Must-Have Tools to Run Your Business Like a Boss 0

The Must-Have Tools to Run a Successful Business

The key to running a successful business is to not let it run you. Your job — in addition to providing great value for your clients — is to make sure that operations, billing, HR, etc., are working like a well-oiled machine.
ClickTime has put together a list of tools and technology  to help you focus on the things that make your business successful and stay focused on your customers.

5 Unspoken Truths About Business Failures 0

6 Unspoken Truths About Business Failures

For any entrepreneur, getting into business can sometimes feel like gambling. Even the most successful business people do not make it big on their first try. Despite the despair that a business failure might bring, here are five truths that we can get from skinning our knees in the world of business.