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How to Clean a Cluttered Website

Cleaning up a website is a great way to give your site a fresh and updated look. Showing businesses’ credibility and professionalism in the eye of your potential customers is what every marketer opt for which is not possible if your website is cluttered. A cluttered website might not sound like a big issue for the website owner but bother the user while they are using their site.

How to Promote Health and Wellness in your Organization 0

How to Promote Health and Wellness in your Organization

In the past few years, there has been an increasing focus on the topic of work-related stress and the negative impact it has on the physical and mental health of the employees. Stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 40% of all work-related ill health cases. It is a topic that employers cannot afford to ignore for much longer.

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8 Ways to Stop Over-Servicing Your Clients

When you start a new business, launch a new product, or work with a client of many years, it is easy to overpromise. Good service makes the customers happy, which means more business. However, saying “yes” to all of your customers’ wishes will only make you lose focus of your goals. You will allocate resources on activities that were not planned and that are not necessarily needed for your business development.

5 Types of Leaders for Remote Employees 0

5 Types of Leaders for Remote Employees

The remote workforce is rapidly growing. It is estimated that remote workers will account more than the half of the U.S. workforce by 2020. The option to work remotely is not longer seen as an extra benefit but it is an option that the employees expect to have the same way they have the right to take a paid leave. Companies need to think how to adapt to the remote wor trend if they want to attract and retain top talent.

Custom Website Design Tricks to Boost Sales 0

Custom Website Design Tricks to Boost Sales

The first few seconds of landing on the website determine the overall journey of the visitor. A website design cannot succeed by excelling just in design or concept unless it does not give a give a good user experience with smooth functionality. How easily a user can navigate on your website counts to the bounce rate of your website. While creating a professional website design, a web designer must design it in a way to grab user’s attention.

How to motivate your employees 0

How to Motivate Your Employees at Work

As a business owner or a manager, you are probably facing the challenge to retain and motivate your employees. Surveys say that millennials tend to change their job every 2-3 years.  Due to the talent shortage in many countries and thanks to social medias like Linkedin, skilled professionals receive tons of tempting job offers. However, the motivated and satisfied employees are less likely to consider changing their job even if they are offered better conditions.

Is Your Logo Design Saying The Right Thing About Your Brand? 0

Is Your Logo Design Saying The Right Thing About Your Brand?

Designing a logo is simple, right? No, it is not! A logo design is not just placing name or a symbol in a box. A logo design is the visual identity of a brand that gives a glimpse to your customers about your brand.  A logo design is a custom mark that serves as a visual picture of your company or organization.

6 Strategies To Be a Better Mentor 0

6 Strategies To Become A Better Mentor

Two of the struggles that a lot of the companies face are getting the new employees up to speed and sharing knowledge within the company. The most common excuse is that usually the experienced employees are too busy and don’t have the time to train the new hires.  While the task can seem overwhelming, if performed right, everyone benefits from the results.