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5 Brilliant Ways To Use Freelance Telecom Engineering 0

5 Brilliant Ways To Use Freelance Telecom Engineering

With job security getting jeopardized due to the high number of students graduating every other year and the ever-rising living costs, there is a need for people for coming with newer ways to supplement their daily incomes. Recent technological developments have made freelance engineering easily workable and telecom engineers can be able to maximize their income especially with the magnificent growth in the telecom industry. For recent graduates and experienced telecom engineers alike seeking to make extra cash to meet their needs, here are five wonderful ways you can use freelance engineering to gain extra earnings.

career bucketlist 1

Career bucketlist ideas

It is that time of the year where people usually make their wishlist with things they would like to achieve during the next one. Here you can find some popular career goals.

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7 things that helped me boost my freelance career

I opened a freelance account many years ago. I didn’t know anything about freelancing. I was thinking that immediately after registering as a freelancer, I will start getting offers and make money. I had never been so wrong in my life. The first few years I didn’t get a single job.

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What is like to be a traveling teacher?

Teach and travel is a great way to explore new countries and make money at the same time. It is a chance to become fully immersed in the culture of the target country and to feel what it is like to actually live there, rather than just visiting as a tourist.

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Why Every Business Should Build Weekly Cash Flow Forecasts

When most finance professionals hear the term “13 week cash forecast,” they view it as a burden—one more task to appease an overbearing lender. Most finance professionals do not get nearly as excited about building it as they do about building a projection model for an acquisition or investment. It doesn’t help that companies generally tend not to focus on their liquidity needs until they are forced to do so. Therefore, people often only prioritize the weekly cash forecasts in distressed situations, when it is too late to take corrective actions. And even still, the analysis is often hastily executed and inaccurate.

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6 tips to avoid the job search depression

Finding a new job can be a long and stressful process, especially for the unemployed. Usually, the recruitment process for a single position lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. The frustration is huge when after 2 weeks of waiting for a response, the recruiter calls with bad news and kills all hopes and positive attitude.

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Hiring a Startup CFO – When to Hire a CFO and Why You Need One

The value of a CFO for a young company is a hotly contested topic. Many argue that they are unnecessary add-ons and that a small, savvy, well-trained financial team can satisfy the business’s needs. On the other hand, CFO’s bring a deeper and more strategic financial perspective that can help companies prepare for the future and optimize their current operations.

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A Guide to Security Best Practices for Remote Teams

Not too long ago, we believed that to guarantee the performance and security of our applications, we needed to run them in our private datacenter. Then the cloud came around, and we embraced the cost and performance benefits of running our applications on a scalable, on-demand platform without maintaining a fleet of servers in a room.

Allow me let you in on a well-known secret:

There is no cloud.
It’s just someone else’s computer.

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What is like to be a self-employed handmade items creator? 

Handmade gifts are everywhere and are really popular. Having clumsy hands, I’ve never been able to comprehend how such beautiful gifts were made, how long it takes to make one and if it is possible to make a decent living only from selling handmade stuff.