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Live and work in Bulgaria

Workiton met with one of the foreigners who lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. We wanted to find out what made him leave the more developed Western Europe and move to Bulgaria.

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Bootstrapped: Building A Remote Company

If you ask me, working remotely rocks. I’m currently writing from a small beach bar located on a remote island in southern Thailand. So how does a tech company get this working remote thing right? Read on. The following is based on our story at Planio and how we made it work.

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A Remote Worker’s Guide To Staying Healthy

When most people think about working in a home environment, they think they will be able to wake up late, work in their pajamas, not worry about traffic jams and so on; basically, do whatever they want. And, while that may be partially true, working remotely can have an effect on your physical health.

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How to make remote working work for you

Remote work comes with lots of things to take into account when designing your schedule, ranging from how you work, to your responsibilities to colleagues and those at home, to where you are geographically. Indeed, finding the right balance that works best for you can be tricky.

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Technology in the Workplace

Has technology changed or influenced the way you work? I am sure it has, in one way or another, the future is now and it is taking over.

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Business networking

We have seen the word a million times in articles, magazines, blogs, even Facebook, but it is very likely we do not have the slightest idea of what “Networking” actually means. We might relate it directly to Facebook and we definitely know it is an important tool when it comes to doing business.

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Working from Home: Heaven or Hell?

We can see these “work from home” job offers increasing every single day on the different job boards and people are really starting to get into this new groove because, let’s face it, staying at home has to be better than going to the office every day. However, this is not true for everyone. Working from home has its pros and cons, but, in the end, it depends on each person.

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Job interview test – what questions to expect?

It is a common practice the candidate to take a logical test, a personality test, a language test or any other position-specific test. Here you can find some example questions to give you an idea what to expect when you have to take a job interview test.