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Are all the consultations private?

All consultations are private between the expert and the client. In the Q&A sections can be asked questions that are visible publicly and can be answered by more people.

Do I get paid if the consultation is interrupted for a technical reason?

If consultation is interrupted for a technical reason, you can contact Workiton team at to review the case.

Do I need to pay to to be an Expert on Workiton?

Creating an expert profile is free. Experts do not pay any fees to

Do I need to prove my competence before signing up as an Expert?

You do not need to prove it to start as an expert. You need to prove it during the consultations to make sure you will receive a positive feedback and will not be reported by the client.

How can I improve my rating?

The rating depends on the quality of the consultations you give. Happy clients, high rating 🙂

How can I manage my schedule?

You can edit you availability time from your expert profile. Please note all hours are in UTC, not your local time.

How can I remove my Expert profile from

You can delete your expert profile from here

How can I report if client’s behavior is inappropriate?

You can click the Report button that is visible in the chat room. Once you click the Report button, the consultation will be terminated and the client will not be able to communicate with you anymore.

How can I sign up as an Expert?

First, you have to login into and then you can create expert profile here.

How long can I work as an Expert? Is there any time limitation?

You can work as long as you want. There are no time limitations.

How much can I earn as an Expert?

It depends on your rate, on your dedication, and on the numbers of consultations you give.

How much time before consultation can I postpone it?

You can postpone/cancel the consultation any time before it has started.

If I can’t answer all the questions of the client, shall I give them back a money refund?

At the time of the user making a reservation, there is an option for the user to provide details what topics to be prepared for the consultation. You have an option to return a message asking about everything you need in order to prepare for the consultation. Refunds are made only when the consultation is totally out of the arranged topic or the expert is present but not active.

What are the benefits I get working as an Expert?

Giving consultations and answering questions online can benefit you in the following ways:
– advertise your business and gain new clients;
– advertise yourself as professional and get noticed by business partners or employers;
– make additional earnings;

What happens if a client is not satisfied with my consultation?

The client has the option to report the Expert during the consultation. If this happens, the consultation is terminated and the Workiton team will review the situation. If the client has no a valid reason to report the Expert, then the Expert will receive the payment for the consultation. If the client has a valid reason to report the expert, then any payment will be made to the Expert.

What happens with my data after I delete my profile?

All data associated with the profile, will be permanently deleted.

What is the Experts module?

The Experts are users of who have knowledge in some area (marketing, programming, languages, etc). The experts create a profile about their skills, availability time and rate per hour. Each expert can be reserved for a private consultation by another user of

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