Salesforce admin/developer interview questions?


Please specify what questions you have been asked during the interview and the role you applied for?


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Role: System admin

  1. Differences between Master-Detail and Lookup
  2. Types of Reports in S.F
  3. Explain Roles and Profiles
  4. What is a web- lead?
  5. What is a Field level Security?
  6. Difference between Formula and Roll-up summary
  7. What is a workflow? Types of workflow and actions in workflow.
  8. What is a Sandbox? Types of sandbox
  9. What are triggers? Types of Triggers
  10. Differences between Managed and Unmanaged packages
  11. When you can’t add Time dependent action in Workflow rule?
  12. What are the types of email templates available in
  13. What is Roll up summary field?
  14. How many records can be imported with the Import wizard and what objects
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